Micol Assael

After the actual development, realization & successful presentation of the Chizhevsky Lessons we decided to go to the next step in it’s creation. When experiencing the Chizhevsky Lessons one doesn’t see any visual effect but one feels the electricity in- and around it’s own body. When touching somebody else you get a mini shock and very possible that one’s head hair will be standing straight up but apart from that are no visual sightings. Now that the main formula had been developed based on High Voltage and Low Ampere to create the effect, it would be possible to transform it into a new concept, namely Fomuska. Fomuska was and is based on a similar technique of transforming high voltage electricity combined with low ampere but than we used steam as a carrier. Steam would be much more visible and the because of the combination of steam and electricity it would also be possible to see small lightning coming out the actual steam machine. This machine was developed partly in Moscow and for the biggest part in the same military compound where the technique for the Chizhevsky Lessons was created, developed and tested. And this time we decide to take the risk and visit the isolated location in the forest ourselves. For us it was like visiting the moon. I had yet never been to an environment like that. We only had excess to that part where the actual testing would take place and the biggest part of the basis we couldn’t enter at all because of security. We didn’t want to push it too far and also didn’t want to bring the professors and ourselves in more danger than necessary. But is was an amazing experience and it felt like looking in somebody’s secret room. Over the months the complicated installation was created and finally presented in Germany, Austria and Italy. In order to present the costly installation it’s needs to be operated by a team of engineers constantly whether the Chizhevsky installation can run with only one engineer. The effect that this Fomuska machine brings is challenging, powerful and up to a certain point also frightening.

Video impression of Fomuska

Photo impression of Fomuska