Basic Instinct

What is now typically Dutch Design ? Who are the designers / artists of the present moment and what are the underlying context and aspects of their work ? With these questions in mind; Premsela – the Dutch Institute for Fashion & Design – went to work with an international creative team, consisting out of Luca Marchetti and Emanuele Quinz (Mosign), Jose Klap and Sandor Lubbe (Zoo Magazine and architect Henrik Vibskov. The result of their research has resulted to the exhibition titled; Basic Instinct and which presents artworks from different disciplines such as Fashion, Design, Architecture and photography / video. In Basic Instincts six individual landscapes have been created; each with their own identity and that illustrate a particular vision.

From the complexity of “Perspectives” to the unpretentiousness of “Undesigned”, the fluid thinking of “Soft Future”, the contemporary urban code of “Metropolitan Sleek”, the paradox between avant-garde and craftsmanship in “Slow Forward” and the multimedia lounge “Panopticum”; the fashion designers, architects, designers and the video & photography artists selected for Basic Instincts, each have a unique point of view that lies at the heart of the work they produce with conviction and the connection they find with each other. The exhibition is a scope of present Dutch Design that is apart from being shown in Holland, also was shown in Berlin and still will be shown in both China and Russia.

Participating artists / studios / architects;
Monique van Heist – Lex Pott – Pieke BergmansStealth Unlimited – Iris van Herpen – Siba Sahabi – Paula Arntzen – Studio Jo Meesters – Georgios MaridakisBCXSYDoepel Strijkers – Klavers van Engelen – Pascal SmelikGlithero – Sharon Geschiere – Bo Reudler Studio – Powerhouse Company – Anne de GrijffWHIM ArchitectureScholten & Bajings – Oda Pausma – Frederike Top – Daphne LaurensGionata Gatto / Studio Atuppertu – Anne HolltropBlommers / SchummPetrovsky & Ramone – Matthias Vriens McGrath – Morad Bouchakour – Paul Kooiker – Ari Versluis & Ellie UytenbroekFreudenthal / Verhagen – Sandor Lubbe – Marcel van der Vlugt – Erwin Olaf – Hester Scheurwater – Joost Vandebrug

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