About me
I am an executive producer and project manager in the fields of art and culture. Since 1993, I develop and produce (inter)national exhibitions and art projects. Some of my personal highlights are the award winning performance & installation of Marina Abramovic titled; ‘Balkan Baroque’ during the 1997 Venice Biennial (IT); ‘Giant Pink Rabbit’ with artist group Gelitin in 2005 (IT); the realization of the first 3 Moscow Biennale’s of Contemporary art 2005 / 2007 & 2009 (RU); Sonsbeek – ‘Grandeur’, 2008 (NL); Yoko Ono – ‘Odyssey of the Cockroach’, 2008 (RU); Micol Assael – ‘Fomuska’, 2009 (RU) – MoBA – ‘Fetishism in Fashion’, 2013 (NL) – Sonsbeek 2016 transACTION (NL), Sonsbeek 2018 State of Fashion (NL) and Sonsbeek 2021 – 2024 Force times distance on labour and it’s sonic ecologies by international curator Bonaventure Ndikung. One of my key qualities is the ability to mediate between the organizers and the involved artists. Hereby I act as a stimulating manager who produces (often) new art works & site specific installations in close collaborations with the artists, organizers & venues. Over the years I enjoyed more and more to produce site-specific projects in unconventional environments, locations where one needs to creatively invent almost every aspect in order to realize an exhibition.

From biochemistry to textile and contemporary art
I graduated as a biochemical analyst, but due to the economical crises during the early eighties in The Netherlands it was impossible to find work in this branch and I was forced to widen my horizon. I entered the field of fashion and textile and worked as a dessinateur, a developer and trader of novelty yarns for a company called; Phoenix !. Being contracted by various clients, I worked with numerous international weaving and knitting factories and international fashion shows. After a period of ten years, in which I developed from an analyst into an all-round product developer, I felt that it was time to move on in order to apply my transferable skills to other areas.
I started by producing small TV documentaries and films, which initially introduced me to the world of theatre and dance, before I became involved full time in the production of contemporary art exhibitions. From 1993 to 2000 I worked closely with artist Marina Abramovic. I coordinated her projects, from theatre shows to sound, art and video installations, at international venues, museums and festivals. Our successful production ‘Balkan Baroque’ was awarded with a Golden Lion during the Venice Biennale in 1997. Since 2000 I gradually moved to the development of projects in different disciplines in the field of contemporary art, architecture, dance, performance, fashion and for new clients such as the Moscow Biennial, Sonsbeek2008, NEMO Science Museum and Dutch Institute of Architecture (NAI) and Premsela (Dutch Institute for Design & Fashion), International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR), Sonsbeek2016, Mona / Dark Mofo festival and many more..

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