2009 / 2010

Energetica In 2009 the Energetica Museum in Amsterdam closed it’s doors ! The museum was sponsored by energy producer Nuon that due to the bad economical circumstances was forced to withdraw both it’s financial as well as it’s remarkable location support. It meant that Energetica had to leave the industrial setting, it was located in for many years. In fact the historical building was built for energy purposes at the beginning of 1900 in order to produce more energy as the demand for it was increasing due to the growth of the city of Amsterdam and it’s industry. Over the years many – often unique – items were collected by the museum, varying from industrial items such as transformers, generators to household equipment, consisting out of televisions, washing machines, radio’s and artifacts such as elevators, lights and cars. The museum collected anything with a electrical plug ! When the museum was forced to close it had built up a unique collection of more than 15.000 pieces. Science museum Nemo was fortunately to take over the entire collection and it provides them the opportunity to show science of the past combined with science of the present and future. The entire Energetica collection was for this purpose specially documented and stored in a new data base, wrapped and packed and transferred to the new home of the Nemo Science Museum and is ready to prolong itself into the future.

Video impression of Energetica 

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