Sonsbeek can boast on a very long tradition that goes back to 1949. Exhibiting sculptures in one of the Netherlands most beautiful parks was – and still is – a splendid idea. More or less every 7 years this unique outdoor exhibition takes place. Over the course of the years Sonsbeek Park has always remained a fixed feature of the sculpture exhibitions. Another element that has become a constant part of the Sonsbeek tradition is it’s progressive nature. Each edition provides a refreshing view of the state of contemporary art. Sonsbeek has thus built up a major reputation that extends far beyond the country’s borders.

Sonsbeek 2008
Grandeur is the theme of the Sonsbeek 2008 edition. Our culture no longer has any noble images of mankind to which one can aspire, and that is causing a feeling of inner emptiness. This weighs even more heavily now that major changes are taking place everywhere and in all areas. Nobody seems to have an answer to this, not even art. But art does make it possible to imagine how things could be. Art can show us the world and ourselves anew; fresh, new and full of unprecedented possibilities.

28 artists from 14 countries have been taking part in this 10th Sonsbeek sculpture exhibition, each of whom are representing the pursuit of grandeur in their own way. The sculptures and installations have surpassed many expectations. A unique challenge between art & nature. Every one of them is a work that says something in an original and interesting way about the desire that we all share; the desire to transcend one’s everyday, limited self. That desire, the struggle, the conflict and the dream that goes with it, are what this exhibition is about.
(Anna Tilroe / Artistic Director Sonsbeek 2008)

Participating artists
El Anatsui  –  Lara Schnitger  –  Rona Pondick  –  Ana Maria Tavares
Michel Francois  Johan Creten  –  Matthew Monahan  –  Willem Boshoff
Yasue Maetake  –  Joseph Sumegne  –  Fernando Sanchez Castillo
Jean-Michel Othoniel  –  Eylem Aladogan  –  Johan Simons  –  Brody Condon
Tomas Saraceno  –  Charlie Roberts  –  Thomas Houseago  –  Serge Onnen
Stephen Wilks  –  Alain Sechas  –  Rini Hurkmans  –  Hans van Houwelingen
Melle Jaarsma & Nindityo Adipurnomo  –  Marijke van Warmerdam
Gerda Steiner & Jorg Lenzlinger

Video compilation of Sonsbeek 2008

Photo impression of Sonsbeek 2008