Contemporary Art Tasmania Centre (C.A.T.) / Hobart, Friday 7 June 2014
Australia / Tasmania / Hobart
Function: participant

During the month of June 2014 Alexander Godschalk, Nancy Mauro Flude, C.A.T., MONA and other parties are to research and explore the possibilities to obtain a solid additional basis to present this new art installation in June 2015 in both Tasmania and main land Australia.

SHOTGUN (background)
Shotgun was formed in 2010 with the aim of providing supported opportunity to Tasmanian artists to assist them in achieving their goals. A selection committee awards the annual opportunity and advises on the program structure. The project is one of Contemporary Art Tasmania’s better resourced projects – human and financial. It is a highlight on the organisations calendar of activities and has gained a great deal of audience interest, particularly from artists. The project operates through a flexible curatorial model designed to be responsive to the needs of selected artists. Initially set-up as an early-career exhibition opportunity, the project has undergone many changes in structure since its inception including an increased focus on the program of professional development which brings artists into close proximity with high-level artists, gallerists, writers and curators. Recently the project criteria has been expanded to include artists at any career stage. I have attached a table below which will provide an overview of the different structures and developments that Shotgun has undergone over the years.

This year Shotgun will change again. 2014 will be the first year that there will be no exhibition associated with the project. The emphasis will instead be on the program of professional development designed to progress each artists professional practice through industry access and critical engagement. Six artists have been awarded the opportunity, each at various career stages and with different artistic interests. The 2014 Shotgun artists are Dean Chatwin, David Hawley, Nicola Smith, Ross Byers, Jason James and Tom O’Hern. In 2014 the Shotgun program of professional development will include one-on-one meetings, studio visits, workshops and group meetings and round table discussion sessions with the participants involved.